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Unusual Traveling: Face The Unknown!
auschwitzNontrivial Modern Spots
Modern civilization is leaving behind some of the most thrilling and tremendous sights to see. Visit the Exclusion Zone near Chornobyl Nuclear Station, or Oswiencim, the concentration camp in Poland kept as a museum after the World War II, or head for a prison museums tour and try to understand the events of our modern history.

nazca-monkeyPhenomenon Places
Though people may think they know everything about our planet, it still has lots to overwhelm and amaze us with. Check out the most incredible places all over the world, where various phenomena like UFO, crypts, and disappearances at Bermuda Triangle were recorded or observed. Head there and if you are lucky enough you may witness something that is beyond our understanding.

rapa-nui-giantsAncient Mysteries
The ancient world still keeps its main secrets safe. Many archeologists and historians devoted their lives to find the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu), or understand the purpose of Nazca Lines, or Stonehenge and discover ancient underground cities. Check out information about undiscovered ancient mysteries. What if you are the one to unveil those secrets?